You may not realize it, but engineers work in many, many fields, doing all sorts of creative and rewarding things. Here are just a few of the wonderful places to work that are open to engineers.


If you think big and are interested in projects that help people get around, infrastructure may be your thing. It’s a wide world out there, and you may find yourself working on the design of a subway in Asia, or a port in the Middle East, or a highway in the US, or an airport in Bolivia and, well, you get the idea.

The Sports Field

Hooked on hockey? Mad about badminton? Love Zorbing? Can’t get enough of XPOGO? When engineering meets sports, athletes win! What makes a better kayak paddle? Can one baseball really go farther than another? What kind of swim suit makes for faster times—just ask Olympic athletes who went for suits in a more hydrodynamic shape.   Anything that helps athletes increase performance, or safety, or even enables more people to engage in a sport is the field of sports engineers.

The Government

Working for the government can be cool, too! There’s NASA, one of the most interesting places to work on this planet…or others! You can help fight pollution at the EPA. At FEMA you can help people rebuild their homes and businesses that have been damaged in a flood or hurricane. Or you can work in places like a national park or the Hoover Dam. But you don’t have to look too far—engineers are needed for public projects like transportation, power stations and buildings right in your own city. And don’t forget the military—engineers are needed in every branch of the armed forces.


What’s better than teaching others about the engineering stuff you know? Also, universities want professors to do research. They may even give you an engineering lab for tinkering on your pet projects. Developing a robotic dinosaur that runs like the real thing, working on flying cars or better smart phones—sound interesting?


Engineers are working right alongside medical professionals to develop new ways to diagnose and cure people who become ill or injured. Restoring vision, enabling patients with artificial hands to play the piano or operate a computer, finding new approaches to treating cancer and other deadly diseases: engineers are in demand in the medical field.

That’s Entertainment

Do the names World of Avatar, Wave Breaker, Millennium Force, Tower of Terror,  Minecraft mean anything to you? Engineers make the thrills and chills work—and work safely. Toy companies rely on engineers to come up with the next big thing! Those cute little Fingerlings and Hatchables, Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, and all those video games, transformers, bots, and toys you haven’t even dreamed of yet. Engineers design them and test them to make sure they’re safe, they’ll last, and your little brother can’t swallow them. Wait. Are engineers having all the fun here?

The Movies

Hollywood, here I come! Engineers are big in the movies. Think 3D and digital effects. Frozen, Incredibles, Ferdinand, even Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, Star Wars: they couldn’t have been done without engineers.


Virtually every product that is manufactured has at some point involved an engineer.
As an engineer you can get in on designing
or producing the car of the future, environmentally friendly laundry detergent,
a new wakeboard, or just about any project you can imagine.

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